Stencil Paints

Why are Paintstiks so wonderful for stenciling? Shiva Artist's Paintstiks are on oil based paint solidified into a convenient to use form.  Although many types and brands of paints can be used with our Yowler & Shepps stencils, all of the examples on our website were achieved by using Artist's Paintstiks.  They give stenciling a rich, hand-painted effect.  Because they do not dry quickly as liquid acrylic paints do, Paintstiks allow shading and realism to be added to stenciling with ease.  No jars to juggle or spills to clean up.  No bleeding or running.  No need to waste paint by blotting brushes on paper towels or paper plates as with liquid paints.  No pounding or pouncing with your stencil brushes.  Although they look like large crayons, Paintstiks work best when they are applied with stencil brushes.  The more paint you apply, the darker the color will become.  The colors can be blended together and a wide range of shades can be achieved from each color. Paintstiks don't dry quickly, therefore they won't build up on the stencil while you're stenciling and compromise the design as do acrylic paints.  Most colors will be dry within 24-72 hours, but you can continue to stencil with subsequent overlays while the paint is still wet.  Usually one Paintstik is sufficient to stencil and average sized room (unless the design is predominantly one color).  Keep this in mind and watch for duplicate colors when ordering multiple paint kits.  Paintstiks have no offensive odors and they are hypoallergenic and non-toxic.  They can be wiped right off your stencil when finished stenciling (while still wet) and your brushes can be cleaned with soap and water (also turpentine or mineral spirits if desired). What could be easier?