Don't give up on summer projects yet!

Not Your Grandma's Border Stencils! July 22 2021

Many times people think of Border Stencils as the popular hearts, ducks, and checkerboards from the 70's, 80's, and even 90's that wrapped around the top of a room.  Well... I'm here to tell you that Border Stencils have come a long, long way.  Today's stencils are not your Grandma's borders!

There are so many unique and creative ways to use border designs.  Think of a border stencil as the base design which allows you to create a multitude of decorating possibilities!  Allow me to show you just a few.

#367 French Toile (twaal) - Stenciled in staggered rows, this border design creates a lovely overall design.  It also looks wonderful in shades of rose or blue.



#82 Floral Frieze - applied to a pillow (2 staggered rows) in a monochromatic color.  It adds an elegant style to the design.  It also look great stenciled overall on an accent wall or an area of a room that needs a pop of color or texture.


 #361 Nora's Petals - This border design was stenciled on the wall in vertical rows to create a stunning vintage wall paper appearance.


#91 Something's Fishy - This popular border design was stenciled onto cloth storage bins to add a decorative, functional, and fun style to a bathroom. 


#28 Choo Choo Train -  This design is a perfect way to add some motion and whimsey in a child's room!  The border design was stenciled in staggered horizontal rows and different directions with primary colors. All aboard!


Don't Give Up on Outdoor Summer Projects Just Yet! June 05 2020

Don't feel sad that the summer season is coming to an end.  Enjoy one last project before it's completely over. Stepping Stones are a wonder way to add color and creativity to your outdoor space.  They are fun and functional too!  Then, we'll move on to some great fall ideas!