Modern Farmhouse Stenciled Window

Create a beautiful, rustic-inspired vintage wall decor by enhancing an old window using a stencil design.  What an easy and fun way to add a touch of the very popular "modern farmhouse" style to your living space.

These old windows can usually be found at thrift stores, garage/yard sales, and antique shops.  They can be used with or without glass in them.  You can paint them or simply clean them up and allow the old paint or weathered appearance to add character.  Then... choose a stencil.  To give you some inspiration, we've created 3 different windows.


The first design we used is #88 Morning Glory.  We've stenciled it freeform on a white matte board and secured it to the back of the window.   It's that easy!


We created the second window decor by using 6 different flower pots from our design #39 Flower Pots.  Each one was stenciled on it's own matte board and secured to the back of the window panes. 


Using our #30 Teacups and #50 Tea Pots stencils, we were able to create this elegant yet fun window.  It consists of 3 teacup panes and 3 tea pot panes.  We stenciled the teacups to looked stacked to give them a whimsical effect.  They were stenciled onto 6 individual matte boards and then secured to the back of the window panes.  

These windows are so much fun to stencil and to display in your home!