DIY Projects - Christmas Stockings

Dress up your fireplace mantel or banister with DIY beautiful holiday stockings. They are so easy to make and add a fun and tasteful addition to your holiday decorating.  They’ll even look better filled with lots of goodies. Both children and adults will love them!

Materials Needed:

  • fabric/canvas stocking(s)
  • stencil paint (desired colors)
  • latex or acrylic paint for background
  • masking tape and glue
  • pencil and scissors
  • stencil design(s) of your choice
  • decorative felt, trims, and glitter if desired
Stencil designs and paint colors used (left to right):
  • Holly Stocking - Design #401 Holiday Collection A with paint colors napthol red, barn red, and sap green
  • Snowflake Stocking - Design #402 Holiday Collection B with paint colors ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, and with white acrylic
  • French Toile Stocking - Design #367 French Toile with paint colors alizarin crimson and barn red
  • Snowman Stocking - Design #401 Holiday Collection A with napthol red, burnt umber, azo orange, sap green, black, and with white acrylic

Step 1. Background Preparation
If creating a background for the stocking other than the fabric color (such as the snowflake or snowman stockings), paint the stocking with a latex or acrylic paint. We’ve used pale blue. Allow to dry completely.

Step 2. Stencil the Designs
Position the stencil design on the stocking where desired. You can create an “overall” effect such as the holly, or the French toile stockings. Or randomly place the stencil design as shown on the snowflake stocking (we’ve used white, blue, and gold). On the snowman stocking, we’ve stenciled the design in rows along with randomly stenciled stars (in red, green, and white). Allow your stenciling to dry.

Step 3. Add Decorative Trims
Apply a finished touch to your stockings by sewing or gluing decorative trims on them. We’ve added large felt (flat or fluffy) tops to each of our stockings along with felt accents on some of the toes and heals. With some jingle bells or glitter, you can easily add a whimsical touch. Each stocking will have its’ own unique and special personality!

Merry Christmas everyone!