Here's what our customers are saying:


  • "I purchased the Choo Choo train stencil to use in my newborn's nursery.  I used different colors than what are shown.  I used mostly primary colors for each car (red, blue, and yellow along with green).  I stenciled the track and smoke in black.  It turned out so cute!  I've been having so much fun showing it to everyone."  - Desiree M.,  Falls Church, VA
  • "I have a small wall area that needed an accent.  I have never stenciled before and ordered the large Star design.  I followed the instructions and the stencil lined up perfectly.  It turned out so well and actually looks 3-D.  I am very happy with my first stenciling project." - Jennifer F.,  Medina, OH
  • "While looking for the perfect stencil for my recently purchased beach house I found the lighthouses stencil.  I've used it in so many ways, on walls, pillows, and crafts projects. I've even made gifts with it.  It's such an easy stencil to use over and over and you can choose your own color scheme." - Frances B.,  Rehoboth Beach, DE
  • "We recently bought an very old Arts and Craft style bungalow and I searched for a suitable wall design for our dining room.  It took me a while to find one because I was pretty picky.  I ordered Beyond the Trees.  I was really pleased  with how well the stencil worked.  The finished project is a simple design that flowed well in the room.  Exactly what we wanted!"Dolores & Sam H.,  York, PA
  •  "I had been looking for a classic traditional stencil for my kitchen and wanted to make a matching table runner and found your Floral Frieze.  However, I did change some of the colors from the picture.  I ordered it and tried a lot of different colors until I came up with the right ones for the room. The stencil arrived quickly, worked great and I love how it turned out.  Thank you." - Shelly K.,  Abingdon, MD
  • "Since I have a passion for growing perennials in my flower beds, I decided to try stenciling a perennial mural on a small wall in my sun porch area.  I ordered #352 Summer Field mural which included 4 designs - lilies, foxglove, birds, and butterflies.  I also purchased their delphinium design because I wanted to add some blue to the mural.  The hummingbirds and the butterflies added a nice touch.  I'm really enjoying it!" - Jeremy F.,   Jacksonville, FL
  • "I had never stenciled before but really wanted to give it a try.  I chose the stencil called Blanche's Berries.  I put it in my kitchen at counter height and stenciled the berries in a soft peach color.  I'm not very artistic, but It was fun to do and turned out way better than I expected.  It made my kitchen more cheerful.  Time to find another stencil project!" - Jenny S.,   Austin, TX 
  • "I started using Yowler & Shepps stencils back in the early 90's when I established a stenciling/decorating business.  Their stencils always worked so great for me.  I've done many, many projects with them and their designs are always a favorite choice for my clients.  They are still my go-to stencil company." - Marci M.,  New York, NY 


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