Stenciled Stepping Stones

Stenciled Stepping Stones are a great way to add some creativity to your home's outdoor space and garden area.  And, they are very functional too. To get started, just follow our easy step-by-step instructions below.


Materials Needed:
cement pavers
masking or painter's tape
exterior paint
paint brushes
desired stencil(s)
stencil paints and brushes
clear sealant
Step 1.  Clean Pavers
Wipe or brush any dust, debris, or dirt from your cement pavers.

Step 2.  Choose a Stencil Design and do a Thumbnail Sketch
Prior to starting the project, we always recommend drawing a quick thumbnail sketch of your ideas.  This will help with paver design and stencil placement.

Step 3.  Prepare Pavers for Stenciling
If you prefer an unpainted border on your stepping stones as we've done above, use painters' tape to tape off a 1/2" - 3/4" border along the outside edge of the pavers.  This can be removed after stenciling is completed and dry.  Then, paint the paver with your desire exterior paint color.  A second coat may be necessary.  Allow to dry completely.

Step 4.  Stencil it!
The stencil designs shown above are our #68 Bugs & Butterflies and #387 Moroccan Tile.  Layout each overlay of your stencil where desired.  Secure the stencil to the paver with painters' tape to keep it from moving while stenciling.  Stencil the design.

Step 5.  Allow to Dry
Before using your newly stenciled stepping stones, make sure they are completely dry.  This may take up to a few days depending on the type of paint used.  Then, prepare them for outdoor use by applying a coat of a quality clear sealant that won't yellow over time.  Check with your local hardware or home improvement store for options.

Step 5.  Ready to Use and Enjoy
Once the sealant is completely dry, your stepping stones are ready.  Enjoy placing and using your newly created pieces of functional artwork in your outdoor space and flower gardens!