Stenciled Fabric Storage Bins

Is “Staying at Home” due to the Covid-19 pandemic causing you to feel confined or stir crazy?  Is it giving you cabin fever or making you feel agitated, antsy, fidgety or restless? Do you find yourself organizing drawers, cleaning out closets, or even rearranging shelves?  Well... you’re not alone!  

Here’s a stenciling project idea that may add a little joy and some creativity to the tidying up frenzy. These simple fabric bins are inexpensive and easy to transform. From the kitchen to a bathroom or anywhere in your home, they’ll keep you organized while looking great too!  

Hang in there a little bit longer.  We’re all in this together. ❤️


Stencil Design #22 Hydrangea 


Stencil Design #91 Something's Fishy


Stencil Design #368 Dragonfly Frieze


Stencil Design #382 Overall Embroidery 

Materials Needed:

  • fabric/canvas collapsible storage bins (available at Amazon, Walmart, Target, or Dollar General stores)
  • stencil design(s) of choice
  • desired paint colors (we used Shiva Paintstiks or liquid acrylic)
  • stencil brushes (1 per color is best)
  • painter’s/masking tape

Step 1. Prepare Storage Bins
Collapse the bin(s) so that the side you’re stenciling is laying flat.  If your bins have pulls attached, leave them on if your design fits under them, or they can be removed easily with a thread ripper or small scissors (be careful not to damage the fabric).

Step 2. Thumbnail Sketch
Prior to starting the project, draw a quick thumbnail sketch of your ideas. This will help with your stencil design placement on the bins.

Step 3. Stencil It
Secure your stencil to the bin with masking tape to keep it from moving. Apply each stencil overlay where desired.  Stenciling acrylic paint on fabric may require a second coat (allow first coat to dry completely before applying the next).

Step 4. Display, Fill, and Enjoy
Once your bins are completely dry, find the perfect place to display and use them.  From clothes, toys, cleaning supplies, towels, utensils, electronics, and so much more, these bins store a nice amount of stuff!  Enjoy the functionality and admire your own creativity.