Decorative Fireplace Screen

Once the cold weather's over and there's no more fires burning in the hearth, it's still nice to showcase the beauty of a fireplace.  Whether yours is formal, rustic, or anywhere in between, there are endless design ideas for creating a stenciled fireplace screen. Here's how we made this elegant, yet simple one.

As shown above, we used stencils #95 Ferns on both sides of the screen along with #69 Terracotta Pots.  In the middle, we used #97 Cosmos along with #75 Formal Urn.  However, you can use as many or as few as you like. Just be creative and enjoy!

Materials Needed:

  • foam core display board (36"W x 24"H)
  • painter's tape
  • stencil brushes (1 per color is best)
  • stencil design(s) of choice 
  • desired stencil paint colors
  • utility knife or razor blade
  • wall paint for background (light/neutral color)
  • wall paint for border/edge (if desired)
  • paint brush or small paint roller

Step 1. Prepare Display Board

Measure your display board lengthwise and with a pencil, draw a light line from top to bottom at 9" inward from the end of both sides of the board.  Then, gently score your board on the measured lines with a utility knife or razor blade. Be very careful that you don't go the whole way through the board.  This will allow the board to fold in slightly on both sides.  Then, if desired, add a scalloped effect along the top of your screen.  With a pencil, draw a faint line to create the slightly rounded/scalloped edge at the the top of all three sections.  With your utility knife, carefully cut completely through the board and remove excess form board.

Step 2. Paint Display Board

Lay your scored board down flat and paint it with your wall paint.  A light, neutral color with a eggshell or satin finish works best so that your paint will adhere and your stencil design will show up.  This can be brushed on or rolled on.  Allow to dry completely.  We also added a 1" boarder all around the screen to give it an additional finished/formal touch.  Just measure in an inch all around the outside of the board and mark it faintly with your pencil.  Then, place painter's tape along the inside edge of your markings.  This will allow a 1" area to paint on the outer edge.  Paint this area with another shade/color of wall paint.  Allow to dry completely.  Then, carefully remove the painter's tape.  

Step 3. Thumbnail Sketch

Prior to starting to stencil, draw a quick thumbnail sketch of your ideas.  This will help with your stencil design placement.

Step 4. Stencil It

With the board laying flat on a firm surface, apply each stencil overlay where desired.  Then, stencil it.

Step 5. Ready to display

Once the stenciling on your board is completely dry, place it in front of the fireplace.  Then, admire your beautiful artwork!