Stencil an Area Rug

Let's stencil a rug! It will look great and be very useful at the same time.

  Design #371 Bamboo     or      #361 Nora's Petals


Materials Needed:

  • plain area or throw rug
  • painter's masking tape
  • stencil brushes (1 per color)
  • stencil design of choice
  • desired paint colors

Step 1. Prepare Rug

If there are wrinkles or creases in the rug, lay it somewhere flat for several days to allow them to fall out, or if possible, iron it (always follow manufacturer's care instructions).

Step 2. Thumbnail Sketch

Prior to starting the project, draw a quick thumbnail sketch of your ideas.  This will help with your stencil design placement.

Step 3. Stencil It

Find a firm surface to lay the rug out flat. Secure your stencil to the rug with masking tape to keep it from moving.  Apply each stencil overlay where desired.

Step 4. Allow to Dry

Before using your newly painted rug, make sure it is completely dry.  This may take a few days depending on the type of paint used.

Step 5. Ready to Use

Once the paint is dry, it is ready to use.  Enjoy your newly created piece of functional artwork!