Luminescent Stenciling Technique

Create a beautiful wall in your home with our luminescent stenciling technique.  It gives an appearance of the design glowing or emitting light.  This look is easy to achieve and will add a unique and dramatic touch to your room.

  • First, start with a very dark wall or background area.  We've used black, however, a very dark green, brown, or maroon would also work.

  • Choose a stencil design.  The stencil above is #44 Sweet Blossoms. This is a good design to use when creating an accent wall or area because it is easy to freeform, so you can extend it as long as desired.  We've also added a hummingbird from our stencil design #67 The Birds.
  • Stencil the complete design in all areas as desired with white paint.  We've used white liquid acrylic which can be purchased at most art or craft stores.  If necessary, rest your fingers against the open edges of the stencil to prevent it from lifting and the paint from bleeding underneath.  It helps to tap most of the paint out of your brush before applying it to the stencil.
  • Allow the white paint to dry completely.
  • Then, softly stencil over the white paint with your desired colors.  It looks most luminescent if you allow some of the white paint to show through along the edges and in random areas.

This technique may take a little more time to complete, but the end results are definitely well worth it.  Have fun and watch the stencil design pop and come alive!