#44 Sweet Blossoms Stencil

$ 29.50

Design Size: 17"W x 7"H

Number of Overlays: 2

Colors as shown:

  • Mauve
  • Black
  • Meadow Green

If you're looking for a border stencil that is soft, flowing, and just plain sweet... this is the one! It adds a gentle touch to any room. Even little girls love it in their bedrooms because they can grow up with it.

Create a beautiful, "luminescent" accent wall (shown above) by painting it black and stenciling Sweet Blossoms across the top of the wall in white.  Then, add soft colors over the white which causes the appearance of the design to light up.  This stencil is easy to freeform, so you can extend it as long as desired.  Then add some life with a hummingbird.  It's stunning!

This design was featured in "Romantic Homes Magazine".