What are your shipping fees?

Orders shipping to destinations in the USA (*except Alaska or Hawaii)

    • $0.01 - $9.99 spent ------ $4.95 shipping
    • $10.00 - $49.99 spent --- $6.95 shipping
    • $50.00 - $149.99 spent --$8.95 shipping
    • $150.00 and up-----------$10.95 shipping

         *There is an additional $2.00 shipping fee to Alaska or Hawaii.


How soon will my order be shipped?

Most packages are shipped within 2 - 3 business days (this does not include weekends or holidays).


Which designs were used to stencil the Backyard Garden Shed featured on the homepage?

Design #88 Morning Glory was stenciled free-form across the top, with a birdhouse from our design #32 Birdhouses stencil hanging down.  (Our design #63 Country Birdhouse is another great option.)  Design #97 Cosmos are stenciled tall to the left with design #70 Cone Flowers stenciled in yellow below.  On the right is our design #66 Foxglove with #95 Ferns on the left and right bottom.  We also added a couple of hummingbirds from our #67 The Birds design to add a touch of life.  This was a really fun project!


Other Information of Interest:

Stenciling/Decorating Terms 

  • Overlay - Overlays refer to the numbered sections that are used to complete a stencil's design. Multiple overlays allows the application of different colors, sections, and details of the design to be stenciled.  Multiple overlays or design areas may be cut on a single stencil sheet.
  • Damask - (dăm’ esk) noun (middle English), an elaborately patterned, usually reversible fabric of cotton, linen, silk, or wool.
  • Faux - (‘fō) adjective, (French), false, fake, or imitation.
  • Fleur-de-lis - (flûr’ de lē’) noun, (middle English), a stylized representation of an iris with 3 petals used ornamentally and as an emblem.
  • Frieze - (frēz) noun, (Italian), a sculptured or richly ornamented band as on a building or piece of furniture.
  • Mosaic - (mō zā’ĭk) noun, (middle English), a picture or design made by setting small, usually colored pieces, as of stone, glass, or tile onto a surface.
  • Motif - (mō tēf’) noun, (French), a recurring subject, theme or idea, especially in an artistic literary, or musical work.
  • Renaissance - (ren’e säns’) noun, (French), the great revival of art, literature, and architecture that originated in Italy in the 14th century, and spread throughout Europe through the 17th century.
  • Terra Cotta - (ter’e kot’e) noun, (Italian), a brownish orange glazed or unglazed fired clay used especially for pottery, statuettes, and architectural purposes.
  • Toile - (twäl) noun, (French), an 18th century French scenic fabric usually printed on cotton, linen, or silk in one color on a light background.
  • Trompe L'oeil - (trômp’ loi’) noun, (French), a style of painting that gives an illusion of photographic reality, fools the eye.