Decorate and Personalize your Outdoor Containers, Galvanized Pails, and Terracotta Pots!

DIY Stenciled Flower Pots March 02 2021


It’s that wonderful time of the year again!  Winter is almost gone and spring is just around the corner.  Everything is becoming a beautiful, vibrant shade of green.  So . . . I walk outside around my yard to access the damages that winter’s wrath has played upon my flower beds and perennials.

Then, I organize my flower pots and start planning what I want to put in each one.  Oh, it is so much fun!  But what makes it even more fun is using and displaying the pots that I’ve hand decorated and personalized throughout the years.  From butterflies, bees, and dragonflies to foxglove, ferns, and sunflowers, these stenciled pots and containers really make an artistic, joyful statement on my porch, deck, and patio.  They allow me to add a touch of my own personality to my home and outdoor space.  

Most of these creative containers are simple galvanized pails or terracotta pots.  Both options work well.  And, they were inexpensive and easy to achieve. Enjoy the season everyone!

Here are the designs that we've used above along with several others that will work wonderfully:

#334 Queen Ann's Lace & Ferns



#78 Oak & Pine



#68 Bugs & Butterflies



#37 Sunflowers



#312 Wilderness


#376 Mini Designs



#66 Foxglove