About Us

Established in 1991, Yowler & Shepps Stencils is a mother and daughter owned stencil company. We've been shipping our stencils to homes and business all over the world for over 30 years! We're located in the beautiful river hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  As you can see, many of our stencil designs were inspired by our natural country surroundings.  

Included with all of Yowler & Shepps stencils are detailed instructions, helpful hints and suggestions, and a color example to follow.  Also included with each stencil is a list of the colors we've used, but of course, you can stencil in whichever colors suit your own personal taste.  Our stencils are laser cut from a 5 mil mylar and have complete alignment markings.  

Yowler & Shepps stencils are designed for the beginner to the experienced.  A more detailed stencil does not mean a more difficult stencil.  Because the stencils do most of the work, they can make an artist out of anyone!