Nothin' Like Summertime!

Nothin’ Like Summertime! June 06 2020

It's been a very long spring with months of staying indoors and social distancing.  Summertime is finally here and it's time to be creative and have some fun with stenciling and nature.  Therefore, this blog is all about murals created with designs that make us feel good with perennials, butterflies, and hummingbirds! From simple to elaborate or quirky to sophisticated, anyone can create a stenciled mural that will compliment their own personal taste or decor.

Here are just a few ideas to get your creativity flowing!

#352 Summer Field Mural Kit - This mural appears to have quite a few different stencils design in it, but is actually achieved with just 4 (#65 Lilies, #66 Foxglove, #67 The Birds, and #68 Bugs & Butterflies).


Orchids can add a refined, yet soothing quality and can be placed in almost any room.  This mural was created using our #359 Orchid along with #69 Terracotta Pots and #67 The Birds.


#354 The Secret Garden Mural Kit combines the sophistication of wrought iron with the delicate nature of #97 Cosmos  and #96 Delphinium along with #70 Cone Flowers, #95 Ferns, #94 Wrought Iron Fence and #67 The Birds.



(Left) You can create an elaborate and formal masterpiece like this beautiful bouquet using 6 different stencil designs (#97 Cosmos in pink and yellow, #65 Lilies, #96 Delphinium, #66 Foxglove, #315 Iris, and #75 Formal Urn). 

(Right) Or, keep it simple and airy with just 2 designs (#32 Birdhouses and #29 Grandmother’s Clematis) while creating a lovely, custom accent wall.


Even stenciling a rustic garden shed is a fun way to add an artistic touch to your outdoor space.  The possibilities are endless.  Have a terrific summer!