#30 Teacups Stencil

$ 42.50

Size: 22"W x 5"H

Number of Overlays: 3

Paint Colors (as shown):

  • Mauve
  • Black
  • Sap Green
  • Slate Blue
  • Yellow Ochre

Includes 5 different Teacups.

Teacups on a pretty shelf add a sweet and delicate accent to a kitchen, dining room, or any room in your home. They appear as fine china when stenciled in soft colors or can be done in bright colors for a room that needs more colorful accents.  Also, they look fantastic when combined with our design #50 Tea Pots stencil as shown above stenciled on the wall at chair rail height along with the teacups stenciled randomly on a fabric chair cover.

Bonnie Yowler, the artist, designed both our Teacups and Tea Pots stencils which were inspired by her beautiful collection that she's been gathering since she was a young girl.

(Note: This design will also require white paint if not stenciled on a white/off-white background.)



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