#50 Tea Pots Stencil

$ 52.50

Size: 27.5"W x 8.25"H

Includes 4 different Tea Pots

Number of Overlays: 3

Paint Colors as shown:

  • #105 Black
  • #111 Mauve
  • #118 Sap Green
  • #119 Slate Blue
  • #120 Ultramarine Blue
  • #122 Yellow Ochre

This design was featured in "Victorian Magazine"!

Afternoon tea anyone?  These beautiful Tea Pots appear as fine china when stenciled in soft colors or can be done in bright colors for a room that needs more colorful accents. Also, they look fantastic when combined with our design #30 Teacups stencil as shown above stenciled on the wall at chair rail height along with the teacups stenciled randomly on a fabric chair cover.

(Note: This design will also require white paint if not stenciled on a white/off-white background.)


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