#95 Ferns

$ 39.50

Size: 13.75"H - 18.5"H

Number of Overlays: 1 (3 different fronds)

Paint Colors as shown: 

  • Black
  • Meadow Green
  • Olive Green

This is a "must have" stencil design especially when painting a mural or flower garden. It is made of 3 separate fronds of different sizes and shapes that can produce many unique fern groupings. It also looks great when used with craft projects or even on a wall or nook that needs a special touch.

Also, check out the thumbnails above to view this design stenciled in our murals - #332 Wrought Iron Archway Mural, #353 My Favorite Place Mural, #354 The Secret Garden Mural, and #378 The Gathering Place.