Flower Power Plaque Project

Flower Power Plaque Project

Brighten up your kids’ rooms with some hand-painted art! These “Flower Power” plaques can be created with ease in just 3 simple steps, some basic supplies, and one of our popular stencil designs. So simple to do, even your kids will enjoy participating!

Materials Needed

For Blocks:

For Stenciling:

Suggested Colors:

• 3 wood blocks (1” x 7” x 7”)

• stencil (#S0369 Flower Power)

• #P113 Medium Pink

• sandpaper (med. – fine)

• painters’ masking tape

• #P117 Purple Sage

• white primer (optional)

• paintstiks© (desired colors)

• #P102 Azo Yellow

• off-white latex paint (flat or satin)

• ½” stencil brushes (one per color)

• #P112 Meadow Gr.

• 1” all purpose paint brush

• ribbon (30”)

• #P105 Black


• 6 thumbtacks


Step 1. Block Preparation
Sand wood blocks with sandpaper and remove dust. Paint one coat of primer and one coat of white latex paint (or just 2 coats of latex paint). Place aside to dry.

Step 2. Stencil the Designs
Position the stencil design in the center of the block (or where desired). Secure stencil to block with masking tape to avoid slipping. Then, stencil according to instructions in stencil package. Allow at least 48 hours to dry.

Step 3. Create the Border
With a pencil, draw a faint line ½” in from outer edge on all 4 sides of block. Cut 12 – 6” length pieces of masking tape (4 pieces per block). Place them on the inner edges of your pencil lines to form a square while leaving a ½” of block showing all around the outer edge. Apply a generous amount of paint with stencil brush from the outer edge of masking tape to the outer edges of the block. Then, carefully remove the masking tape. Allow the stenciled border to dry.

Hang them up!
Cut ribbon into 3 – 10” lengths (one per block) and attach the ends to back of each block with thumbtacks. Adjust the ribbon for desired height. Now, they are ready for hanging. These beautiful plaques are not limited to kid’s rooms. They’ll look great anywhere you want to add a touch of hand-painted art. Hang them up and enjoy!