Stenciled Flower Pots and Pails

From butterflies, bees, and dragonflies to foxglove, ferns, and sunflowers, these stenciled pots and containers really make an artistic, joyful statement on my porch, deck, and patio.  They allow me to add a touch of my own personality to my outdoor space, garden, and home.  Most of them are simple galvanized pails or terracotta pots.  Both options work well.  And, they were inexpensive and easy to achieve. Click on the links below to see the stencils that we've used.  However, when it comes to stencils, your options for ideas are truly endless!

(From Top to Bottom & Right to Left)

  • #334 Queen Ann's Lace & Ferns (the ferns randomly)
  • #78 Oak & Pine
  • #66 Foxglove (with the #67 hummingbird)
  • #67 The Birds (a hummingbird with the #66 foxglove)
  • #37 Sunflowers
  • #68 Bugs & Butterflies (the butterfly, bumble bee, and dragonfly randomly)
  • #312 Wilderness (the moose)
  • #376 Mini Designs (the leaves)