#367 French Toile

$ 52.50

Design Size: 22"W x 7.5"H

Number of Overlays: 2

Color as shown: Blue

This is a classic design that has a special place in history. It's been loved and used in every style of home decor for centuries. It looks beautiful in French Country and American Country homes as well as Victorian or even a cozy beach cottage.

The word “toile” comes from the French word for linen cloth. The word is shortened from the full name toile de Jouy, which means linen or cloth from the town of Jouy-en-Josas, in the suburbs of Paris. Toile de Jouy was a specific type of linen printed with romantic, pastoral patterns in a single color—usually black, blue, or red.

This stencil looks wonderful when stenciled as an overall design, as a border, or even at chair-rail height. Also, it is beautiful stenciled on pillows, lampshades, and craft projects as shown in the photo above.